Design Style

A&F Reid Constructions is a builder that can offer you creative solutions for different or difficult building locations, offer cost effective and environmentally suitable designs in tune with today’s increasing attention to energy management building regulations. We offer an attention to detail and design flair that stands out from the crowd.

We have many existing design ideas and builds that may meet your needs and we can merge our experience with new concepts and your ideas to produce a custom design for your new dream house. You’ll see a wide range of build styles in our repertoire, that’s because we build to suit our clients – not ourselves. Our expertise ranges from compact units to elegant and expansive mansions.

Our designers have a reputation in Melbourne as leaders in architecture, using 3D design and virtual modelling if desired to allow you to ‘walk through’ your new home while we are still developing the plan! To our clients, this gives an unparalleled ability to better understand the interior spaces and user friendliness. To our engineers it enables better management of construction, financial and design optimisation in an integrated and accurate way.

Your choice in design style is our starting point, a rustic farmhouse on acreage or a block of units next to a commercial area, we can design to suit, we can advise you of regulatory requirements, construction and finishing options to make your new home just the way you want it, where you want it.

Our Homes

Welcome to A&F Reid Constructions P/L, we hope you will enjoy viewing our completed projects. Let us show you what can be achieved through good design, a dedicated build team and 30 years experience in delivering a product


we are proud of for our many satisfied clients. You will notice a wide variety of house styles on our site, we build to our client requirements rather than force a template style upon them. We build your home to be one you will love to live in.

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