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It’s clear that energy efficiency strategies in housing today can achieve multiple objectives with careful planning. The earlier you decide to build ‘green’, the more opportunities you’ll have to maximise the opportunities in your building’s design and performance. Our experience with building green, our designers and suppliers offer you a wide range of strategies in the major areas of sustainability, including, the site, water conservation, energy management, materials and resources and internal environmental quality. If you’re new to green building and not sure about including multiple green principles in your first effort then this is all the more reason to talk with us before you commit to just any builder.

With the rising cost of energy and the need to conserve our precious resources, a new sustainable home or a sustainable renovation is becoming the preferred and economical option. The increasing range of new products, design and engineering concepts means savings for you and our expertise in keeping up with these and including them in our projects give us the edge in helping you achieve a ‘green’ home. Our energy efficient solutions can include:

  • Overall solar energy design with passive solar and thermal mass planning
  • Direct solar power usage to reduce your power intake.
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Building placement and shading design
  • Geo thermal/ground source heat pumps
  • Water recycle systems to grey water and efficient storm water recycling.
  • Rain harvesting and storage systems
  • Double Glazing for heat retention and noise reduction.
  • Thermal window size planning
  • Greater use of heat retention in insulated slabs and internal rooms.
  • The use of LED lighting and 6 star energy rated products.
  • Eco friendly products used where possible
  • Efficient use of insulation concepts and products.
  • Efficient recycling of building debris and excess materials.
  • Limiting our effect on the environmental foot print during construction.

Our goal is to improve energy conservation, system efficiency, reduce resource usage, carbon foot print and offer long-term cost savings – whilst including these efficiencies into the stylish design of our homes.

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