Knock Down Rebuild

Knockdown and rebuild projects are increasing in popularity due to a shortage of residential land within the suburbs of Melbourne.

Sometimes, the best option is to demolish and start again. When the existing structure isn’t worth keeping or you want to build from a fresh start with a different floor plan, demolishing the house and clearing the block is the only way to a brand new home.

Our expertise means we’ll organise the demolition process for you, getting permits, safely removing any asbestos and removing the old building materials, stumps and rubbish. This can also be an emotional time if you have long memories of the old home. You may have things built into it you treasure and with careful thought and preparation these can sometimes be saved. Sometimes there will be building materials that may be able to be recycled. Maybe you want to retain an existing garage, trees or a swimming pool or keep some appliances or fittings to re-use or sell. Just tell us what stays and what goes.

Our experienced team will take all this into account. There may also be other requirements about what might need to be kept, moved or protected in some way to use in the future. At the same time we can also organise any site restructuring work to change the levels of the block for a basement or driveway, for the start of your new building project.

Rest assured that our knockdown team will leave the site just the way our builders need it, giving a smooth transition and all organised by A&F Reid Constructions.

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