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This is a great time to build a new home with mortgage rates at historic lows. But building a new house can be an extremely stressful time for first time new home builders and there are many options and regulations to consider.

A&F Reid Constructions is a “custom home builder” with a long record of home building in Melbourne’s SE suburbs. Our experience helps you determine major decisions for your new home construction, the home’s style, environmental considerations, size and floor plan, types of windows and doors, flooring, interior wall finishes and all the myriad of small details — cabinets, lighting fixtures, drawer pulls, paint colours, etc.

Our experience with building green and our designers and suppliers offer you a wide range of strategies in the major areas of sustainability, including, the site, water conservation, energy management, materials and resources and internal environmental quality. If you’re new to green building and not sure about including multiple green principles in your first effort then this is all the more reason to talk with us before you commit to just any builder.

We specialise in building your new home just the way you want it, that’s why our houses don’t all look the same. We’ll help you with the big questions when you plan and we’ll help you with the little things that make a difference to everyday life, things most people don’t even think about. We’ll help you with the paperwork too.

A custom home from us is a cost-effective investment that offers you the fulfilment of owning the home of your dreams.

So when you want a smooth build with less stress – talk to us.

Our Homes

Welcome to A&F Reid Constructions P/L, we hope you will enjoy viewing our completed projects. Let us show you what can be achieved through good design, a dedicated build team and 30 years experience in delivering a product


we are proud of for our many satisfied clients. You will notice a wide variety of house styles on our site, we build to our client requirements rather than force a template style upon them. We build your home to be one you will love to live in.

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