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As builders our ability to deal with any project is vast, whether it be building a 40 sq plus project for a client or removing the roof of a home to introduce a new lease of life with a second storey or rear extension.

Unit development, dual occupancy, or small-lot developments are a growing field of the construction industry. With urban sprawl limiting the ability to be city centric, we are well experienced in building to meet varying client needs.

Factory construction, small commercial and retail projects are also a part of our building portfolio. Our aim is to deliver a finished product, on time, on budget and meeting today’s environmental needs.

Our Homes

Welcome to A&F Reid Constructions P/L, we hope you will enjoy viewing our completed projects. Let us show you what can be achieved through good design, a dedicated build team and 30 years experience in delivering a product


we are proud of for our many satisfied clients. You will notice a wide variety of house styles on our site, we build to our client requirements rather than force a template style upon them. We build your home to be one you will love to live in.

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