When you don’t want to move, renovation could be the answer for you.

Whatever the reason the change in lifestyle during a renovation can be enormous, perhaps you’ll need to move out while you renovate, perhaps you can stay if it is a smaller change. Our experience in renovation means you will have less stress during this period either way.

House extensions can change your home structurally change or just enhance the overall appearance of your home, while adding value to your property any way you want – popular trends are extending the back of the house or adding another story, you can renovate your kitchen, add a family room, renovate your bathroom or add a garage. A&F Reid Constructions are skilled at renovation, we know the things you can and can’t do, we know what paperwork is needed and we know how to renovate with the least inconvenience to your neighbours.

Like most things, the larger the job, the higher the cost. However we can make things easier for you and help you understand the do’s and don’ts. The first step is a visit to your house and talk through your ideas with you. We’ll get a rough drawing down on paper. Once that is done we can involve an architect and structural engineer and produce detailed plans for your renovations to suit your needs and budget.

Benefit from our renovation experience and in next to no time you will be seeing your old home evolve into your dream home, we look forward to making that happen for you.

Our Homes

Welcome to A&F Reid Constructions P/L, we hope you will enjoy viewing our completed projects. Let us show you what can be achieved through good design, a dedicated build team and 30 years experience in delivering a product


we are proud of for our many satisfied clients. You will notice a wide variety of house styles on our site, we build to our client requirements rather than force a template style upon them. We build your home to be one you will love to live in.

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